‘McNab Snowboarding’
The Backcountry Freeride Snowboard Guiding specialists.

‘McNab Snowboarding’ is now into its 20th year of operation!

McNab Snowboarding is an independent company made up of family and friends, specialising in High Mountain Backcountry Freeride Snowboard and Splitboard ‘Coaching and Guiding’. Established in 1995 by Neil McNab, one of the Worlds leading Backcountry Snowboard Guides (UIAGM qualified), ‘McNab Snowboarding’ was one of the first companies to run ‘Specialist Snowboard Courses’.


“The McNab Snowboarding Backcountry & Splitboarding courses have developed through 30 years of me following my passion for Climbing, Riding, Instructing, Coaching and Guiding.

When I started McNab Snowboarding, way back in 1995, there was no manual to follow, there were no other programs to copy and so I followed my instincts, my passion, built on my experiences and simply learned along the way. My Freeride and Backcountry Programs haven’t come about overnight. they have come about through my passion for riding, my love for the High Mountains and my 30 years of experience living, climbing and riding with in them.

My passion for riding still increases year by year, even day by day and I am constantly learning, developing and updating my program to bring you the very best that I can offer.

It has been a long, fantastic, voyage of discovery, yet after 20 years it still feels like I am standing at the start of the journey.

Come and join the journey…”

Neil McNab.

Today ‘McNab Snowboarding’ runs a dedicated program of Backcountry Freeride, Backcountry Heli-boarding and Backcountry Splitboard courses both in Chamonix and around the World.

McNab Snowboarding
‘The ‘Fine Art’ of riding mountains since 1995′