Off Piste Freeride Clinic...
Course Prerequisites
  • Fitness:
  • Ability:
  • Guide/Client ratio :1/6

Price(£): 975
Great Freeriding is a combination of attuned technical performance and a creative ‘Artistic’ vision. The Off Piste Freeride Clinics are designed to help you firstly understand how Off piste technique really works before helping you explore the possibilities offered by the natural terrain of the mountain.

The Off Piste Freeride Clinic is the second step in our progression from On Piste Performance, to Off Piste Perfection, guiding you onwards towards complete Backcountry Freerider and leads on from where our Technical Performance Clinic finishes off.

Starting with a recap of the essential elements that make up Perfect Snowboard Technique this course is designed to lead you from Piste to Off piste and onwards preparing you for the exciting Backcountry that awaits beyond.

Off piste freeriding requires a very different approach to that of cruising the groomed trails of the ski resort. Here within the untamed terrain of the mountain your technique must match perfectly the contours, shapes and consistency of the naturally sculpted mountain.

The Off Piste Freeride Clinic goes beyond technique and explores not only how you ride the mountain but how you look at it whilst creating and controling your line with constantly changing conditions and terrain features.

Our Off Piste Freeride Clinics focus on all mountain Freeriding  offering 5 days of expert technical tuition in an Off piste and Backcountry environment.

Course Overview.
  • Day 1 - Avalanche search and rescue training and perfecting snowboard technique - exploring how you, your equipment and the mountain work together.
  • Day 2 - Learning the movements of perfect snowboard technique and matching your movements to tasks - perfecting your carving.
  • Day 3 - Matching your movements to tasks and to the mountain - Learning to read the natural terain of the mountain and macth your riding to it.
  • Day 4 - Matching your movements to the mountain - exploring your riding and the mountains variable terrain.
  • Day 5 - Moving beyond technique and creating your Art - exploring the Fine Art of freeriding, Inspiring your riding!

Price Includes:
  • 5 days on snow Tuition with fully qualified ISIA Snowboard Teacher and UIAGM Mountain Guide Neil McNab (ratio 1:6).
  • Off Piste/Avalanche Mountain safety equipment.
  • Avalanche search and rescue training.
  • Transport to and from the mountain.

Price does not include:

  • Accommodation.
  • Lift pass.
  • Flights (nearest airport is Geneva).
  • Airport transfers.
  • Personal insurance.
  • Personal snowboarding equipment.

Please Note
Our Off Piste Freeride Clinics cater for Intermediate and Advanced snowboarders with technical tuition in the mornings followed by guided Freeride practise sessions in the afternoons. A good fitness level and a minimum of 4 weeks riding experience is recommended.

For safety reasons ‘Riders unable to meet the required criteria for their chosen course may be unable to complete that course at the discretion of the course leader’. For more information on course requirements
please read our Choosing a Course & Course Prerequisits section.

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