“The Slackcountry Freeride course is all about the ride, the ride and then the ride, 4 days of exciting uncompromised Freeriding”

PRICE: £885.00


RATIO: 1 – 6

“The Slackcountry Freeride course is all about the ride, the ride and then the ride!

Slackcountry is the term given to the terrain that lies just beyond boundaries of the patrolled area. It can be accessed sometimes straight off the lift, by a short hike or even a quick Splitboard session. The Slackcountry Freeride course is designed for the experienced Snowboarder searching for high octane Freeriding away from the beaten track, without the full on ‘High Mountain experience’ offered by my ‘BC Splitboard program’.

Chamonix has a wealth of ‘lift fed’ easy access Slackcountry terrain much of it rideable straight of the nearest chair, easily accessed but often quickly tracked!

However, just beyond these easily reachable slopes lie an endless resource of amazing descents that remain untracked for longer due to either the need for a short hike in or a short hike out.

The idea behind the Slackcountry Freeride course is to get out there and get the best of both worlds, riding the lift accessed and hikeable terrain on ‘your regular set up’ whilst the going is good and then reaping further fresh turns on those fantastic looking slopes just beyond the beaten track accessed by a short hike in or out with the aid of a ‘Jones’ Splitboard.

If the snow is fresh and untracked right off the lift you’ll ride your own regular Freeride set up and when it looks like a short Split is the way forwards you’ll take on a Splitboard to get the goods!

Sounds great to me!

With the emphasis, as always, on Mountain Safety, the ‘Slackcountry Freeride course’ will teach you how to look at, respect and learn from the terrain in which you ride and increase your awareness for the high mountains helping you develop your ability and confidence to tour, climb and ride in safety amongst the high peaks.

The Slackcountry Freeride course is a fun and exciting week of pure uncompromised Freeriding.

Avalanche search and rescue training – A warm up day and an introduction to the fine art of Splitboarding.

Slackcountry/Splitboard Freeriding.

Slackcountry/Splitboard Freeriding.

Slackcountry/Splitboard Freeriding.

  • 4 days on snow Freeriding with a fully qualified UIAGM Mountain Guide (ratio 1:6).
  • Jones Solution splitboard as and when needed – (we will need stance details from each participant)
  • Ortovox avalanche safety equipment and avalanche search and rescue training using the Ortovox 3+ transciever.
  • Crevasse rescue and rope technique training for glacier travel as needed.
  • All Backcountry access equipment (except hiking poles) including Splitboard and training.
  • Transport to and from the mountain.
  • Accommodation
  • Lift pass
  • Flights (nearest airport is Geneva)
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal snowboarding equipment, hiking poles and backpack capable of carrying your board (25L minimum)

Please Note

Our Slackcountry/Splitboard course caters for Experienced Snowboarders. A good fitness level and a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks riding experience is recommended.

Fitness level 4

Fitness level 4

Participants will need to bring their own regular Freeride Snowboard for non Splitboard Slackcountry days.

Some Itinaries may only be accessible by heli drop (not included).

Itineries can change due to conditions at the descretion of the Guide.

For safety reasons ‘Riders unable to meet the required criteria for their chosen course may be unable to complete that course at the discretion of the course leader’. For more information on course requirements please read our Choosing a Course & Course Prerequisits section.