“When the ride becomes more than simply getting from A to B, but about the journey in between.”

PRICE: £885.00


RATIO: 1 – 6

I have been running my Technical Performance Clinic courses for over 20 years, constantly developing and refining the content to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t, in order to explore ‘Perfect Snowboard Technique’ in its simplest and most effective form.

Designed for Intermediate and above riders, this course will lead you through an exciting exploration of Snowboard technique combining the ‘Science’ and ‘Art’ of Perfect Snowboard Technique, teaching you how to understand and feel for the natural way to ride, creating the perfect technique for any given riding challenge both on and off the piste.

During the course we will study the ‘Science’ behind how the board works so that you can understand how to flex, steer and turn it ‘by design rather than force’.

We will look at the ‘Science’ of how we stand and move and explore the link between our bio mechanics and the subtle pressure movements that are applied through our feet to control and turn the board as we ride down the mountain.

We will explore the ‘Art’ of how to read and ride the mountains natural terrain, learning how to control your speed by the line you choose, enabling you to flow with the mountains terrain rather than constantly fighting against it.

The Technical Performance Clinic is where the ride becomes more than simply getting from A to B, but about the journey in between.

If you’re going to get serious about your Snowboarding my unique Technical Performance Clinic is the one course you cannot afford to miss, it’ll change the way you see and ride the mountain forever!

This is ‘The Fine Art of Riding Mountains’, let your search begin.

An introduction to the foundations of perfect snowboard technique – explore how your equipment, you and the mountain can work together.

Learning the movements behind perfect snowboard technique – introducing the ‘McNab pressure control system’, learning to carve long and short radius turns.

Matching the movements of snowboarding to different tasks – steeper terrain, variable terrain, Off Piste terrain and riding fakie.

Matching your movements to the mountain – increasing the task, reading the terrain and inspriring your riding, creating your Art.

  • 4 days on snow Tuition with fully qualified ISIA Snowboard Teacher and UIAGM Mountain Guide
    Neil McNab (ratio 1:6).
  • Mtn Safety equipment as needed.
  • Transport to and from the mountain.
  • Accommodation
  • Lift pass
  • Flights (nearest airport is Geneva)
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal snowboarding equipment

Please Note
The Technical Performance Clinics cater for experienced Intermediate snowboarders with technical tuition in the mornings followed by guided Freeride practise sessions in the afternoons.

A good fitness level and a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks riding experience is recommended.

Fitness level 3

Fitness level 3

For safety reasons ‘Riders unable to meet the required criteria for their chosen course may be unable to complete that course at the discretion of the course leader’.

For more information on course requirements please read our Choosing a Course & Course Prerequisits section.